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Reduce Time Theft System has built-in safeguards to ensure accurate timekeeping, thereby making sure your people receive the pay they've earned. Scheduling Control costs and fine-tune labor requirements with a built-in scheduling tool. Not all time and attendance solutions are created equal. Any new hire data will transfer seamlessly from the onboarding process and automatically sync labor hours with payroll. Labor Cost Savings Seamless integration with current payroll software system to reduce multiple data entry points and potential clerical errors.

New hire data and labor hours flow automatically to payroll. Reduced Time Theft and Buddy Punching Biometric time clock with fingerprint reader requires unique individual user. Modern time clock options include Wi-Fi connectivity, PIN entry, badge proximity entry, multiple languages badge reader and printer support.

Record and maintain employee hours worked and payment documentation. Ensure pay accuracy, including overtime. Enhanced Reporting and Scheduling Intuitive, user-friendly and personalized dashboards at your fingertips. Able to integrate with your general ledger. Manage and anticipate overtime expenses with a thorough breakdown by department, manager, etc.

GO analysis by ontology category level 2. Molecular function MF ; B. Biological process BP ; C. Cellular component CC. PDF 50 kb. Amino acid alignment of nAChR subunits from B.

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List of species in the alignment: D. ALI kb. Amino acid alignment of B. Protein sequence alignment of B. The numbers on the right indicate the amino acid position.

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The N-terminal signal peptides, the N-terminal region encompassing the six conserved domains loops A-F and the transmebrane domains were predicted by sequence similarity and using the SignalP4. Predicted N-terminal signal peptide leader sequences are shaded in yellow while the six ligand-binding loops D, A, E, B, F, C and the four transmembrane domains TM are shaded in grey and green respectively. All subunits carry a predicted signal peptide at the N-terminus and four transmembrane motifs TM1—TM4 at the C-terminal domain, which are involved in forming an ion channel.

Loops between TM3 and TM4 were highly variable. Amino acid mutations involved in imidacloprid resistance R81T M. PDF 39 kb. PCA plot. Overall similarity between samples using mapped reads on all contigs of the reference transcriptome DESeq. The global gene expression pattern shows a clear separation between the susceptible and the three resistant strains. PDF 17 kb.

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  5. XLSX kb. The relative expression levels of each gene row in the susceptible and resistant samples column are shown. Up- and down-regulated genes are represented respectively by red and yellow. Clustering of the samples grouped the neonicotinoid resistant samples together. Assigning known transcripts to molecular functions revealed differences in the GO enrichment in the three clusters, displayed in the figure. The cluster B represents unigenes mostly up regulated in the susceptible strain. The cluster B is the most diversified with 16 GO terms enriched, the majority of which were related with signal transduction.

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    PDF kb. GO enrichment analysis of all strains vs full transcriptome. XLS kb. List of DE detoxification unigenes over-expressed in the three resistant strains. XLSX 27 kb. List of contigs encoding P genes in the B. XLSX 48 kb. List of species in the figure: D. Domestica Mdom , P. For accession numbers see tree or Additional file 15 : Figure S7.

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    Quantitative PCR analysis table of 7 Ps expression levels in five field populations of Bemisia tabaci and their resistance ratios to imidacloprid and acetamiprid, compared to the susceptible strain S-GR6. DOCX 12 kb. Amino acid sequences fasta format of Ps from B.

    FAS kb. Aris Ilias and Jacques Lagnel contributed equally to this work. Competing interests. CST contributed in differential expression analysis.

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    All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Aris Ilias, Email: rg. Jacques Lagnel, Email: rg. Despoina E. Kapantaidaki, Email: moc.

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    Emmanouil Roditakis, Email: rg. Costas S. Tsigenopoulos, Email: rg. John Vontas, Email: rg. Anastasia Tsagkarakou, Email: rg. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. BMC Genomics. Published online Nov Kapantaidaki , Emmanouil Roditakis , Costas S.

    Personal time and attendance tracking software118
    Personal time and attendance tracking software118
    Personal time and attendance tracking software118
    Personal time and attendance tracking software118
    Personal time and attendance tracking software118
    Personal time and attendance tracking software118
    Personal time and attendance tracking software118
    Personal time and attendance tracking software118

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