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She said the seduction charge is useful in cases where its function is to keep the defendant off the sex offender registry. Three Michigan State football players pleaded guilty to seduction in April after being charged with forcing a woman to have oral and vaginal sex with them. One was initially charged with first-degree sexual assault.

The other two were charged with third-degree sexual assault. Once a judge OKs HYTA status for an offender, prosecutors are not legally allowed to speak about the case, so Siemon said she could not explain the reasoning behind this plea. She also declined to discuss why, in general, her office would plead a first-degree sexual assault case down to seduction. Regardless of the offense, HYTA holds young offenders accountable without giving them a criminal record that will follow them for the rest of their lives, she said.

Some, but not all, of the cases had been the subject of news reports before the cases became nonpublic.

Once a judge grants HYTA status, records of those cases become nonpublic. In addition to the 19 cases in Ingham County, the State Journal found two sexual assaults in Eaton County that became nonpublic. There were none in Clinton County. It's also not possible to expunge a sexual assault conviction, Siemon said. Livingston County, July Sexual Misconduct Four Days in Jail 21 year old client faced charges for sexually inappropriate conduct; Resolution reached so that client would have no criminal record, no sex offender registry and serve only 4 days of jail despite a recommendation for 90 days.

Livingston County, September Underage Sexual Conduct Case Dropped Client was accused of criminal sexual conduct against an underage family member; After working with the client, his family and cooperating with police, it became clear the complainant was a liar and the case was dropped. Oakland County, October Child Abuse Case Dismissed Parents falsely accused of abusing their baby and causing a skull fracture; Child Protective Services filed a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights and sought to suspend all visits between the parents and child and make the parents move out; After Shannon Smith held the Preliminary Inquiry, the parents were not removed and shortly after the case was reduced to no longer seek termination of parental rights but only temporary jurisdiction; The parents braced themselves for a fight — they would never plead to allegations that did not happen—and ultimately the case was completely dismissed and dropped by the prosecution.

Kent County, January Sexual Molesting Case Dismissed Client was facing termination of his parental rights after his wife filed for divorce and accused him of sexually molesting their three year old daughter; After further investigation and working close with experts to show the allegations were wholly untrue, the case was dismissed.

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Wayne County, January Sexting Investigation Case Dismissed Juvenile client not charged with sexting after investigation by law enforcement. Had his record expunged for CSC 4. Oakland County, December Sexual Assault Case Dismissed Client accused of sexually assaulting his granddaughter years ago when she made the false claim to get out of trouble; After consulting with and retaining the Law Offices of Shannon Smith pre-warrant, client was not charged.

After consulting with and retaining Shannon Smith pre-warrant, client was not charged. Oakland County, November Criminal Sexual Conduct Probation 16 year old juvenile client faced lifetime nonpublic registry and second degree criminal sexual conduct case; Favorable resolution reached to lesser charge, no registry at all and client sentenced to probation.

Nov, Sexual Assault Case Dismissed Adult client falsely accused of sexually assaulting a woman motivated to make false claim for money; After substantial investigation into her past, the complainant failed to show for the Preliminary Examination and the case was dismissed.

After a three month period, the case was dismissed. Oakland County, September Domestic Violence Case Dismissed 14 year old juvenile client charged with domestic violence. Case dismissed leaving client with no record or adjudication after three month period. Wayne County, September Accused of Rape Innocent College student falsely accused of raping two girls faced disciplinary hearing where the school sought suspension; After lengthy hearing, the school found the client not responsible and innocent.

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Sep, Non-consensual Sex Registry Removal Adult client removed from sex offender registry after approximately 15 years based on Romeo and Juliet Petition. Client had been falsely accused of nonconsensual sex with a 15 year old when he was After showing the Court the sex had actually been consensual and the alleged victim felt pressure to claim rape at the time, the Court granted removal from registry. Oakland County, August Criminal Sexual Conduct Probation Client who had already confessed to CSC 2 retained Shannon Smith to work out a favorable resolution as he was inevitably facing prison time; After psychological evaluations, psychosexual risk assessment testing, intense therapy and mitigation work at sentencing to show the client was not a predator, client was sentenced to probation only.

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Macomb County, July Criminal Sexual Conduct Probation Client charged with CSC 2; Favorable plea deal reached to reduced CSC 4 charge after complex negotiation with prosecution using psychosexual risk assessments, progress in therapy and demonstrating to the Court the client was not a risk to society. Client sentenced to probation only. Oakland County, June Sexual Abuse Case Dismissed Termination of parental rights case dismissed right before trial for a father falsely accused of sexually abusing his 3 year old son.

Oakland County, May Accused Rape Charges Dropped 20 year old client accused of raping a girl at a party faced criminal sexual conduct charges; By retaining The Law Offices of Shannon Smith on a pre-warrant basis, the truth of the case was clear—it was obviously a false allegation by the complainant and the client was not criminally charged. Livingston County, July Prosecution Declined Prosecution Declined Prosecution declined to charge teacher accused of sexting student.

Oakland County, November, Criminal Sexual Conduct Not Charged Client accused of sexually assaulting foster daughter; not charged after interview with police. Children Returned Client received bad advice from prior lawyer and had his children taken by CPS; After hiring Shannon Smith, case was immediately resolved and children were returned home.

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August, Sexual Assault Client Not Charged Man accused of sexually assaulting unstable woman; After investigation by defense, client not charged. September, Failing to care for child. Oakland County, June First degree criminal sexual conduct. Not Guilty of Life Offense Client charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct by stepdaughter; Found not guilty after a three-day trial.

Washtenaw County, June, Sexual Assault Child Falsely Accused Ten year old student accused of sexual assault; Client not charged after negotiation with police and prosecution. Oakland County, October Teacher accused of sexually assaulting student Charges Dismissed for Teacher Teacher accused of sexually assaulting student; Charges dropped at Preliminary Examination after testimony. Oakland County, August Assult Grandfather Not Charged Falsely accused of assaulting grandchild; Not charged after substantial defense investigation and polygraphs.

Monroe County, February Sexual Assault Dentist Case Favorable Resolution Favorable plea resolution for no incarceration, no sex offender registry and no probation before retrial with falsely accused client.

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Wayne County, January, Sexual Assault Juvenile Case Dismissed Nine year old boy charged with sexually assaulting his sister; after working with experts, case dismissed. Sanilac County, January Juvenile Trial Juvenile Not Take From Parents Client faced incarceration after juvenile trial; After substantial evaluations, client allowed to be placed on probation and remain with family.

Oakland County, April Sexual Assault Favorable Plea Client accused of sexually assaulting woman while camping; pled to non-sexual misdemeanor with no registry or jail time. Eaton County, April, Several Offenses Favorable Plea Agreement Client accused of several life offenses against daughter; Favorable plea reached with no jail, no registry, and client left with only misdemeanor on record in the end. Eaton County, February, Student Touching Favorable Juvenile Resolution Student charged with touching another student; Favorable plea to no registry and no incarceration; Teenager allowed to remain home with parents and on probation.

April, Molestation Case Not Charged Babysitter accused of molesting child years ago; not charged after extensive pre-warrant investigation by defense.

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Otsego County, October Criminal Sexual Conduct Aquittal on Multiple Counts Client falsely charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct; Found not guilty by jury after week long trial. Wayne County, April Smith, P. Name Please enter your name.

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Registered sex offenders in Howell, Michigan. Howell, MI ratio of number of residents to the number of sex offenders compared to nearest cities: Note: Higher values mean more residents per sex offender Whitmore Lake : Linden : Webberville : Brighton : Howell : 84 Stockbridge : 72 Pinckney : 68 Fowlerville : 63 Byron : Howell, MI ratio of number of residents to the number of sex offenders compared to county and state: Note: Higher values mean more residents per sex offender Livingston County: Michigan: Howell : Location: Michigan, Offense date: , Statute:

livingston county michigan sex offender registry Livingston county michigan sex offender registry
livingston county michigan sex offender registry Livingston county michigan sex offender registry
livingston county michigan sex offender registry Livingston county michigan sex offender registry
livingston county michigan sex offender registry Livingston county michigan sex offender registry
livingston county michigan sex offender registry Livingston county michigan sex offender registry

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