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Lake Charles High School. The clerk can provide you with a form or you may obtain it via the web. See Online Forms. If the appropriate form is not available, it may be necessary for you to hire a lawyer to prepare the pleading for.

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You will be asked to sign the pleadings and furnish your telephone number and address and the address where you may be contacted during the length of the lawsuit. It is your responsibility to notify the Court of any changes of contact information. The Citation informs the defendant that they have been sued and will have ten 10 calendar days including Holidays in which to answer.

If the defendant cannot be located, you will not be able to proceed with your suit without the assistance of an attorney. If your claim is an open account, negotiable instrument, or other conventional obligation, and there is sufficient evidence contained in your pleadings, your personal appearance may not be necessary. In that case, the Judge will review the record and sign a judgment.

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The Plaintiff has the burden of proving their case before the Judge at Trial. The Plaintiff should bring any improtant documents related to their case that can be used as evidence. They may include, but not limited to, cancelled checks, receipts, bulls correspondence, messages, contracts, leases, and reports.

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The Plaintiff is responsible for arraigning to have winesses appear to testify on their behalf. The Plaintiff must inform witnesses of the date, time, and place of the Trial. If a witness does not want to appear voluntarily, then you may ask the Clerk to issue a Subpoena, or a Court order, directing them to appear before the Court.

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Therefore, if your suit involves a complex piece of machinery, a defective car, or an appliance, you may wish to bring an expert witness to testify at your Trial. You may also wish to consult an attorney regarding Trial preparation even if you intend to handle your own case. Continuance requests do not reflect the consent of the opposing parties and are not automatically granted. A continuance request must be supported by good cause. You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the stated court time and bring all court papers with you.

If you are the party suing the Plaintiff and arrive late, or do not appear at all, you case may be dismissed. If you are the party being sued the Defendant and arrive late, or do not appear at all, then judgment could be entered against you. The Defendant could therefore lose without a hearing.

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If you are suing the Plaintiff and other party is not there, you must still show proof of your claim before you can get a judgment in your favor. Prior to your trial, you may be asked to meet with the Judge in a pre-Trial conference. You will advised by the Judge of the legal basis that will be considered if the matter proceeds to trial.

It is up to the Plaintiff if they want to proceed. If the matter proceeds to Trial, the Plaintiff will present their case first. There will be no jury. The Judge will hear and decide the entire case based on its merits.

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The Judge can summon witnesses, raise defenses, take testimony, ask questions, and generally take whatever action is appropriate to ascertain the true facts of the case. Lawyers may or may not be present. The Judge will set the rules and insure that the rights and interest of both parties are preserved.

The Judge will decide who at fault or is to blame. The Judge may award all or part of the money asked for in the case.

The amount is usually based on what is proved during the proceedings. The dugment of the Court becomes a binding legal obligaiton after it is signed, unless one of the parties involved requests a new trial within three 3 days after the judgment is rendered. The judment merely establishes who is owed money. If the guilty party refuses to pay the settlement amount, then further action may be taken by the Plaintiff. This wil order the affected person s into Court to produce evidence of their assets and employment status.

You or your repersentative will be allowed to orally examine the affected person under oat regarding their assets, employment, etc. However, there are time limits on when an appeal my be filed. If you want to file an appeal, you must contact an attorney immediately after the trial. All tickets contain a Ticket Number. It is located on the top upper right hand corner of the ticket. This ticket number is linked with your charge.

All business that can be done with Lake Charles City Court can be tracked through this number. On the bottom third of the ticket is your court date. The format for this date reads Day, then Month, then Year. If at any time you are unsure of what the date is, it is your responsibility to contact the court at and ask for the correct date. Your signature on the ticket is a written promise that you will appear in court.

This is your only notification. Failure to appear in court either before or at the time of your arraignment will result in a a court order to suspend your driving privileges until you resolve this matter with the court. Many of our tickets can be paid before their court date. You must contact the the Violation Division to see whether your ticket is eligible to be paid out of court.

Methods of paying before court are by going online, mailing in your payment, calling in your payment, or by going to the courthouse in person. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from am until pm. James Anderson said law enforcement will temporarily shut down Interstate 10 and from Chennault International Traffic is moving slowly but travelers should expect delays With a crowd-pleasing instinct, Trump promised a new Calcasieu River bridge on Interstate He doesn't really have much direct During further investigation detectives learned the checks had been stolen during a vehicle burglary in Guillory had been '?

Trump's message to voters in Lake Lake Charles Accident Archives. Traffic at standstill on eastbound side right after coming off bridge Read More. Traffic at a standstill Read More. Accident on i East right after the Cameron exit. Digital Access. Access kcchronicle. Want to make sure you receive the latest local news? Weekly mail subscription offers. Choose your news! Select the text alerts you want to receive: breaking news, prep sports, weather, and more.

lake charles police department traffic records Lake charles police department traffic records
lake charles police department traffic records Lake charles police department traffic records
lake charles police department traffic records Lake charles police department traffic records
lake charles police department traffic records Lake charles police department traffic records
lake charles police department traffic records Lake charles police department traffic records

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