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Just stop. This site hit its prime time way long ago when it was one of the pioneers of online dating. But now, don't even depend on it. Just find other trustable sites and stop the circle of lies, and surely you'll get what you want. Yes 2.

Psychology and AFF

Screw the haters yo adult friend finder is still up there with hookuphangout and tinder as the nearest you are gonna get to a sure thing in this game. Takes time and effort yo but this is america yall, so what dont feel me? There's no point in using this site for 2 reasons: its way too expensive and there are almost no real girls there, mostly fakes.

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I've never had a real hook up there, no dates. I haven't had a real date there yet, but it would have happened if I had been able to travel.

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  7. Don't waste your money on Adultfriendfinder, especially if it's a real date that you want. Yes 7. It's become obvious. These sites are sausage factories - dudes' package pics everywhere - along with sugar babies and hookers. I been registered since several times. Most of women profiles are FAKE That's why I didn't renew my membership. I'm tired of sending messages to fake members I really tried to give this site a chance but there is just no other way around it, it's a horrible site in every way and it would be unethical for me not to warn others. It's basically an online community of perverts and misfits who get into online fantasy and cyber sex like games.

    This is not a site for anyone who is really seriously about hooking up in real life. And even if you just live your life on the internet AdultFriendFinder is still a very dark and lonely place. Profiles are old and fake. There is this broadcasting feature where they allegedly have real life people, usually performing some sort of sex act, this is all psychological games for the desperate and lonely because there is a chat feature there to give the erroneous feeling that you are some how connecting to the naked person on the screen but in reality it's a waste you would be better off just buying a porn video with out the smoke and mirrors of the chat screen.

    The other bad part about this site is that it is way more expensive than other sites and then after you pay your money they then try to scam you out of more money for extra features that would just be a given in other sites, things like making sure your emails are seen. That is absurd. You're paying all that money but then you have to pay more to make sure your emails are seen!!!!??

    I was going to give this site one star because one star is really what it deserves. However I called their customer service and they were at least ethical and decent enough to offer me a prorated refund, so for that I am thankful.

    11 Best Hookup Sites: The Top Legit Sex Dating Websites Compared

    There are many of these horrible sites out here who don't have real customer service people and who wouldn't give you back one penny of your money. The fact that I was refunded a portion of my money definitely makes me feel less violated. However I am writing this review because I don't want any of you to loose any of your money it is just not worth it.

    But the fact remains this is a bad site.

    I am not new to the internet or to internet dating this is just one of the worst. This is one of the few sites in my entire life where I met absolutely no one, zip, goose egg, zero! Not even the dreaded ugly fat person who had 20 yr old pics on their profile, you will meet no one here.

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    4. Also after I complained they had some people write me who are called "ambassadors" who make an attempt to welcome you to the site and although it is a nice gesture they are full of condescending advice again on how it is your fault that you're not meeting anyone "oh if only you would post a million photos, and go into every chat room and do this and do that" again every excuse in the world except for their lame site. I am no fan whatsoever of sites like POF but even as horrible as that site was, I actually met people.

      Technologically on the surface this seems like it would be a good site, it has a much more modern interface and more interactive devices than other sites, the problem is most of the time these don't work and the site is extremely buggy. If you like to waste time and money this will be the site for you. If not try somewhere like SLS.

      Yes 6. I can assure anyone reading this that AFF is almost a complete waste of time. It's outdated, very "buggy", the IM feature doesnt work well, the live webcamming has been taken over by women who want to be paid, i. The few real people are mostly male, fat and well into their fifties, and have no qualms about showing you their saggy bottoms. You'll be bombarded by fake profiles of gorgeous women who only have one well-lit photo of themselves "flirting" with you, and then will try to con you out of your email address.

      How to Meet Women on a Adult Friend Finder

      Ten years ago AFF was a functioning, legitimate hook-up site - now it's been rendered obsolete and the company knows it. Tinder and the 20 other similar apps are much more usable, that's why AFF tries to charge for everything and generates revenue from the webcammers. Save your money for something else. Yes 8. I'm deleting my account. They've now made this site absolutely unbearable for people that aren't gold users. I don't think your gold members would be too happy to know that us standard members can't even READ messages from them!!!!! This site is literally useless for me at this point.

      Unless I just want to search for users that I can't talk to?! Lol And see a bunch of unread messages from gold members flooding my inbox! They just give that standard, scripted response: "you must be a gold member. Clearly not!! They used to give us a FREE gold membership simply for accruing a ton of points from other members. Where can I get a job like this?? Yes 5. T dont sign up for membership here. Bots, fake profiles, and technical issues with their instant messages, and email. You cant even contact users and this is after you pay.

      I warned them to cancel my account and dont charge my credit card again. It's a RIP off stay away, it's like throwing your money in the garbage pale. This site is a landfill of hackers, Bots ,you name it the internet garbage is there ,poorly managed site. The site is relatively serious compared with others, but has SEVERE issues when dealing with fake and multiple profiles. Complaints are responded with standard templates, profiles reported with evidently wrong gender and documented fake pictures from other sites are not taken action upon, and repeated multiple profiles of "gold" users are tolerated and not investigated even when clear evidendence is given.

      Users that continously report such cases are blocked. Terms of use are abusive and legally questionable - the page is authorized to block any user without need of any justification, nor possibility to confront such decision - and IPs of such "conflictive" users are blocked so they cannot use the site in the future.

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      Take this site as-is, do not expect a real consumer service and even less, a stringent policy regarding fake and scam. Yes - action is taken on "light" cases but not on the really relevant ones that scam dozens or hundreds of users. With decent common sense on these points, you will find more "real" contacts than anywhere else - but that's about it.

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      who is the adult friend finder girl Who is the adult friend finder girl
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